I have changed this page so all you have to do is click on the avatar you like and you have the address to link to. Most of these don't have a background but for your avatar I can put a background on them like the ones I did for Kat, Lady Di, Atherly, etc.
For avatars the size is 100 x 100 but it says that we can go as high as 120x120
Here is a sample of the 100 x 100 size.

Here is a sample of the 120 x 120

All of these pics are already within size limits 120x120.
If you would like a siggie tag they can be a little wider 300 x 120 which is twice the width of the avatar but not taller.
#64 is a bit too large for the AVI but makes a great siggie. You can see what I mean on mine.

Here is a sample size of a siggie tag.

If you would like one of the pics I have here with a background or name just PM me and give me the number and the name you would like on it.

I had to remove a lot of the avi's I had on these pages due to copyright laws that I was unaware of in the beginning. If there are any of these that you happen to know who did them, please let me know so I can remove them from the list. It isn't enough to simply give credit to the images.

These are by artists unknown to me so until I am told different
I will leave them up for use, again, if you see something that is
copywright please advise me immediately.