Each picture is a link to an AVI, just click on the pic you like and it will take you to the url for it. If you want a siggie made or your name on the avi just pm me and tell me what name you want and if you want an avi or siggie. The siggies are about twice as wide as the avi's
The first couple rows are just little blinkies (made by talented others) and they are too small to put a name on but I can probably manage a name (if it isn't too large) with the rest of them.

These are just some little animated AVI's I made, in most of them I can put a name if you like.

And here are the pics for the standard avatars and siggies.

These would be cute with just a name as a siggie.

I think these would be more suitable as siggies. I can just put your name or perhaps a signature saying over the top of the graphic.

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