Mother Stuff Mother Stuff
Hi folks!
My name is Dianna aka hrdwrkdmom. Most people
call me Di, I am a "Mom" that is my main function
in life, LOL. Like most moms I get to do all kinds
of stuff no one else wants to do and also like most
moms I have days where I would like to quit,
change my name, (my "name" being "MOM!!!") and
find other work! But the bottom line?.........

I love my children, and even though I get a
lot of eye rolling and "AWWWWWW MOM!" I do
try to let them both know that. I am also one of
those "mushy" people and I love poems,flowers,and
all of that other girlie stuff that makes my kids
cringe. So that is what these next pages are,
most of the writings I have no idea who did them.
If anyone out there has a clue please let me know
so I can give credit where it is due. Somebody,
somewhere has done some good work and I would
like to put their name on these writings.

A Child's Angel


Do Over

Mothers Cry

Mother's Dictionary

My Day Old Child

My Grown Up Son

Some Have.........

True Love

Wet Oatmeal Kisses

When God Created Mothers

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking


Before I Was a Mom

Somebody Said.........

In Memory of Mother